Meet the Team

Mundir Sidhu

The reason that all of this is possible is thanks to Mundir.

She is the creative mastermind behind all of our flavors and blends, and has crafted the most excellent ingredient combinations we have to offer.

Founder of “The Spice Hut” company from her passion for cooking, blending, and creating exquisite flavors. Mundir has worked hard to deliver outstanding products to our customers.

Although she is a creative genius, she would probably tell you her most proud achievements are her children and grandchildren. In between blending and working hard, Mundir always finds an opportunity to sneak away for a minute and excitedly FaceTime her granddaughters.

Tanvir Sidhu

The face behind The First Sip of Tea and The Spice Hut.

Tanvir would be voted a superlative of “most likely to overachieve” in all aspects of this company. He has been dedicated to making this product nothing less than perfect for our customers and community from the very beginning.

Starting “The Spice Hut” in 2004 along with his mother Mundir Sidhu, Tanvir has always had a driving passion for creating excellent products. His progressive ideas have helped form an outstanding, successful, company in the Northwest.

When not at work, Tanvir is most likely to be blasting music from his stereos with his partner in crime, his dog Rocky, building things for the company, or shooting photos whenever he can.

Charles Lewis

Our technological hero. Manufacturer of this here website, and all things html.

We consider Charles the man of many trades and skills in this company. His superlative would be “most likely to offer help in any aspect no matter how busy he is.”

Charles is one of the original chai concentrate brewers, and has seen this project through from the beginning.

Lover of cybersecurity and video games, and self-proclaimed “nerd”, Charles is an optimistic, problem-solving, and invaluable member of our team.

Emily Erskine

Emily is our writer, content creator, and social media go-to. Her work ranges from product descriptions, to website organizing, and reaching out to the community. As well as making a mean cup of chai.

When asking Emily what she does for the team, her answer will 9 out of 10 times be “I like to make things pretty, and I like to meet you all!”

When not online, you’ll probably find Emily cuddled up with her cat watching films and eating sweets... her two vices.